Why should you have fire training

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Did you know that being the responsible person of a business whether it be a care home, shop or factory it is your responsibility to provide staff information, fire safety instruction and fire training. Training is often overlooked and thought of as an inconvenience or something you could provide yourself. Knowing the right thing to do in the event of a fire is critical, it can make the difference between everyone getting out safely and lives being lost.

From understanding the causes of fire and steps to take to prevent fires, having practical hands on training on the use of firefighting equipment, and to knowing your role in an evacuation procedure, there can be no substitute for fully accredited training scheme delivered by trainers who know first-hand the dangers involved in the workplace. See below for what types of fire training courses are available.

Fire marshal training

Our Fire marshal training courses covers a wide range of areas from relevant legislation, the effect of fire on companies, The chemistry of fire, Fire protection including means of escape and Causes of fire. This course also provides the knowledge required for a candidate to become a fire Marshall. Here at MAGG our fire Marshall training course also includes the practical fire extinguisher element where candidates will be able to Identify different of types of fire extinguisher, know types of fire that each fire extinguisher should be used for, Analyse the main safety and operating features of each type of fire extinguisher and much more!

Fire awareness training

Our Fire awareness training is much like our fire marshal training course but it hasn’t got the element of training that allows the candidate to become a fire Marshall. Fire awareness covers many subjects such as Relevant legislation, The effect of fire on companies the chemistry of fire, Procedures in the event of fire, The role of the staff in the event of fire and much more. Fire awareness training also includes the practical use of extinguishers but you can also have fire awareness training without extinguishers.

Fire extinguisher training

Our Fire Extinguisher training course is designed to give you and your staff real world, practical experience in the selection and correct usage of fire extinguishers. The course is split between class room sessions and practical exercises and we give staff hands on experience of tackling a small fire using a range of extinguishers.

Refresher training is also available for the courses we offer, we also provide a wide range of health and safety courses.

If you are interested in booking one of our training courses then visit our contact us page and get in touch!

fire training

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