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Winter is on its way and with it comes the celebration period, Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas, shhh I agree it’s a little early for that.

Fire safety is the last thing on your mind when you’re celebrating. But think about it – lots of guests, extra decorations, people smoking – all the everyday fire risks get bigger. Don’t let fire safety stop you enjoying yourself – know the risks and plan ahead.

Decorative Lights

Decorative lights don’t get used every day so give them a bit of extra thought.

  • Check the maximum amps that can be handled by the fuse in the plug. Most decorative lights should be fitted with a 3amp fuse, so don’t try and wire extra sets into the same plug!
  • If bulbs blow, replace them. If bulbs continue to blow, replace the lights.
  • Turn decorative lights off at night and when you go out, add this to your closing procedure.
  • Don’t let bulbs touch anything that can burn easily like paper, fabrics and paper decorations.


Treat candles as you would any other flame:

  • Don’t leave them unattended.
  • Put them out completely at night.
  • Don’t let them fall over, use a candlestick holder.
  • Always place candles on heat resistant surfaces, even tea lights can melt plastic surfaces like TV tops.
  • Keep them away from anything that can catch fire, like curtains, decorations and artificial Christmas trees.
  • Use common sense and keep decorations and greeting cards away from heaters, lights, the fireplace and candles.



Given half a chance, paper decorations will burn:

  • Don’t fool with fireworks, they’re explosives not toys
  • Only buy fireworks marked with British Safety Standards BS7114 and always read the instructions.

Having a party

Do yourself and your visitors a favour – don’t leave fire safety to the morning after!

  • Make all guests aware of fire procedures and fire exits.
  • Look out for elderly people, children and anyone with problems getting about.
  • Make sure exits are clear.
  • If people are smoking, put out extra ashtrays and make sure all cigarettes are put out properly – cigarettes can burn at over 700oC, they’re hotter than you think!


Have a Spooky Holloween and Banging bonfire Night!


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