Fire Door Inspections West Midlands

  • Periodic visual inspection by qualified inspectors
  • Maintenance and replacement where required
  • Carried out to BS9990 standards

Fire Door Inspections West Midlands – carried out by MAGG group.

Fire door inspections West Midlands need to be regularly carried out for any damage that could prevent the door from performing to its fire rating in the event of a fire. This should be an integral part of the risk assessment for the building. Any issues should be addressed as soon as possible using compatible, correct fire rated components. The selection of suitable components is supported by the Fire Certificate and door schedule.

To check the compatibility of any components, check the Fire Certificate data sheet or contact the manufacturer of the fire door. If you do not use compatible components then the fire certification of the door will be invalid.

Frequency of inspections

In normal circumstances periodic visual checks should be done at least every 6 months, however in situations like high volumes of traffic, or new buildings then checks should be made more frequently, monthly or even weekly dependent on use.

Do fire doors need maintenance?

Yes they should be treated in the same way as the other life saving products such as fire extinguishers and smoke alarms and regularly checked to ensure they are working as intended and free from damage. Remember that you must maintain your fire doors correctly as failure to do so could see you prosecuted under the Regular reform (Fire safety) Order.

What the law says

Article 17 of the Fire Safety Order makes it a legal requirement to ensure that fire resisting doors and escape doors are correctly installed and adequately maintained in order for them to be fit for purpose. Authorities have the power to enforce the Fire Safety Order, to prosecute and even close buildings down where breaches are discovered.

It is important for the fire protection of a building to be considered as a whole. Fire door maintenance is an essential element of the fire protection systems in large and complex buildings due to the difficulties in providing protected evacuation routes. It is essential that fire doors are carefully maintained to ensure effective performance when required.