16th November 2020 | Jessica Hughes

Electrical Safety

/   Electrical safety is an everyday part of life, electricity is everywhere from our workplace to home to anywhere you may go. Essential as it is, it also presents a very real danger to people. Don’t underestimate the risk from electricity. Just because there’s no flame doesn’t mean there’s no risk. Electrical wires don’t even need to […]

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24th September 2020 | Vickiie Thompson

How to test your emergency lighting

Emergency lights are type of light that has a battery backup. Under normal conditions, there will be power is going into the emergency light. Powering the light if it is a maintained fitting and charging the battery. In an emergency power failure may be possible due to a fire. The power supply to the lights […]

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01st September 2020 | Vickiie Thompson

School fire safety

School fire safety probably isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you think the thousands of children and staff returning to school this coming week or so. You may be totally ecstatic that your child is off to school. Dancing your way home from the school run. Or you may be trying to […]

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20th August 2020 | Vickiie Thompson

Different types of fire fire extinguisher

Most people know there are different types of extinguishers available, and that each type of extinguisher is different. if you have received fire extinguisher training you may have experienced the differences between a few of the extinguishers. As well as the different coloured bands that wrap around the top of the extinguishers, there is a […]

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25th March 2020 | teknet


COVID-19 UPDATE.During these unprecedented times we would like to reassure our loyal and wonderful customers that we will continue to offer our support for as long as possible regarding all aspects of Fire & Safety. Our dedicated team of engineers and advisors are taking all measures necessary as detailed by the government to maintain the […]

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29th November 2019 | Jessica Hughes

Fire Risk Assessments – Your responsibilities

If you own a building, it is your legal requirement to ensure that this business is safe and fit for purpose. Why have a fire risk assessment: It is a legal requirement.  If you are responsible for a building this includes being an employer, owner or occupier of premises that aren’t a ‘single private dwelling’ (a […]

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27th November 2019 | Jessica Hughes

Passive fire protection; what is it & why do we need it?

There is lots of buzz around passive fire protection in the health & safety industry. So, what is it? Passive fire protection is the use of fire stopping within a building. Fire-stopping material is designed to maintain the fireproofing of a wall or floor assembly allowing it to impede the spread of fire and smoke. […]

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22nd November 2019 | Jessica Hughes

3 Things You Can Do To Make Your Business Safer!

As a business owner or landlord, Fire safety in the workplace might be keeping you up at night. With regulations and legislation constantly being changed and updated, fire safety can feel like a battle for a business owner- but it doesn’t have to! Here are 3 things to do, to ensure you adhere to current […]

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11th November 2019 | Jessica Hughes

Lest We Forget

Yesterday, Remembrance Sunday services were held across the United Kingdom and Europe. Today, on the 11th November and 11.00am. We would like to remember all of those who lost their lives in conflict. Including those in the Fire and Rescue Service who, together with members of other Civilian Services have made their contribution to the […]

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08th November 2019 | Jessica Hughes

Firework Safety

So, it is the last weekend of Bonfire night celebrations. Whilst pets around the United Kingdom will be breathing a sigh of relief, children, parents and grandparents will once again be spending their weekends gazing up at the sky at a firework display. The temperature has dropped, the hats and gloves are out, and maybe […]

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05th November 2019 | Vickiie Thompson

Bonfire Safety

. Despite annual bonfire safety warnings, bonfire celebrations still end in painful injuries for too many people, including very young children, read below to see our tips on bonfire safety. . Bonfire Safety Tips   If you have a bonfire, follow these simple guidelines: Warn your neighbours beforehand – so they are aware and can […]

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01st November 2019 | Jessica Hughes

Keeping Sparklers Safe For Little Ones: Top Tips

Bonfire night celebrations will continue across two weekends this year! Whilst that may be bad news for some pets at home, it does mean DOUBLE the amount of Firework displays and extra chances for children to get the sparklers out. Parents around Britain will be stood outside on their drives, gardens or at displays with […]

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30th October 2019 | Vickiie Thompson

Upcoming celebrations…

Winter is on its way and with it comes the celebration period, Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas, shhh I agree it’s a little early for that. Fire safety is the last thing on your mind when you’re celebrating. But think about it – lots of guests, extra decorations, people smoking – all the everyday fire […]

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04th September 2019 | Shayley

Chimney Fire Safety Week

Chimney fire safety week 2018 With the colder months fast approaching we are supporting Chimney fire safety week to ensure that your chimney is safe for use. This Chimney fire safety week to keep you and your family safe from fire we recommend that you should take the necessary steps to ensure your chimney is […]

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10th July 2019 | Vickiie Thompson

Outdoor fire safety

Fire safety should be taken into consideration where ever you are, so it shouldn’t be forgotten about when you are outdoors. See below our helpful tips and facts to help you keep safe whilst enjoying the great outdoors. Our Outdoor fire safety tips Avoid open fires in the countryside. Always have them in safe designated […]

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22nd May 2019 | Vickiie Thompson

BBQ Fire Safety

The perfect summer weekend… relaxing in the sun, cold drink in hand and some burgers sizzling on the BBQ… idyllic bliss… letting the stresses of work melt away… what could go wrong? Outdoor cooking can be a great way to spend your afternoon but it has its own set of unique fire risks that should not […]

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15th May 2019 | Vickiie Thompson

Office Fire safety tips

Office fire safety can easily be forgotten about and not seen as a potential hazard because there might not be as many obvious hazards as there would be in a kitchen for example. But the affects an office fire can have devastating impact on a business. The potential loss of data and even lives often […]

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09th May 2019 | Vickiie Thompson

Protect your business from fire

As a business owner, you are expected to comply by law to protect your business from fire, premises and employees from fire. This will make you more likely to be prepared if the worst does happen and a fire occurs at your business. If you are a business owner or responsible for a business premises […]

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01st May 2019 | Vickiie Thompson

Hotel Fire safety

Hotel fire safety should always be a high priority within any hotel.  Hotels are a place for people to visit to stay the night and enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep. The last thing a hotel guest wants is to hear or be woken by a loud sounding fire alarm. Hearing the fire alarm can be […]

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24th April 2019 | Vickiie Thompson

Landlord Fire safety responsibilities. 

If you are a tenant or a landlord , it’s very important for both parties to know where the responsibility lies with fire safety. It is the landlord’s responsibility to keep the property you live in safe and free from health and fire hazards. Landlords have legal duties when it comes to the fire protection […]

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17th April 2019 | Vickiie Thompson

When is your testing due?

Do you know when your testing is due?…. Did you know it is not only required by law to have the correct fire safety within a building but it’s also required by law to have your equipment regularly maintained and serviced too. From fire risk assessments to fire extinguishers, they all have a schedule of when […]

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27th March 2019 | Vickiie Thompson

Fire blankets

  Fire blankets are made up from non-flammable materials such as fibreglass and sometimes Kevlar. They are usually folded into small containers designed for a fast release and easy storage. The non-flammable fire blankets can be used in temperature up to 900 degrees. Fire blankets are mainly used in smouldering fires, they block the flow of […]

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20th March 2019 | Vickiie Thompson

Care home fire safety

  Fire safety in any sort of home is important but care home fire safety can be even more critically important. In the event of a fire it can be extremely difficult to evacuate from a building and this can be made more difficult with vulnerable occupant’s fire safety sadly turns into a matter of […]

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13th March 2019 | Vickiie Thompson

No smoking day

    This No smoking day we want to highlight the affects smoking has on fire safety. Smoking is one of the most common cause of fire deaths in the home! And as you will already know it is terrible for your health. Putting measures in place can defiantly reduce the risk of dangers but […]

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27th February 2019 | Vickiie Thompson

Fire management is crucial for care home safety

  With figures showing that nearly 5,000 elderly residents are living in ‘unsafe’ care homes, and 135 residential care homes across the UK branded as fire hazards by fire service inspectors, the importance of creating a thorough and effective fire management plan is crucial to safeguard the future of any business in the care sector. […]

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20th February 2019 | Vickiie Thompson

Why is fire training important

  A fire, of any type or size, should only be tackled with the correct equipment and more importantly the correct training. Using the wrong type of extinguisher, or the correct extinguisher but in the wrong way can be potentially fatal to the user. From understanding the causes of fire and steps to take to […]

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06th February 2019 | Vickiie Thompson

Top questions our engineers are asked

. 1. Do I need a fire alarm system?  Current UK fire alarm regulations state that all business premises must have ‘an appropriate fire detection system’. This means that a fire can easily be detected, and occupants can easily be warned. This does not necessarily mean that all business premises will need a fire alarm system You may need different types of detectors, […]

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30th January 2019 | Vickiie Thompson

What is a Dry Riser?

A dry riser is a very important tool, especially to a fire fighter trying to save lives. Dry risers can often go unnoticed and many people don’t know what they are. Here at MAGG we regularly service dry risers and want take this opportunity to give people a better insight to what and how important […]

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23rd January 2018 | Vickiie Thompson

The Top 5 Fire Safety Fails

  Here at MAGG Group Ltd our engineers are out every day visiting various types of businesses and properties whether it be a small hairdressers, a large care home or a 850,000 square foot warehouse. No matter what type of business it is or the size of the property, our engineers are always coming across a […]

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18th January 2018 | Vickiie Thompson

Why should you have fire training

  Did you know that being the responsible person of a business whether it be a care home, shop or factory it is your responsibility to provide staff information, fire safety instruction and fire training. Training is often overlooked and thought of as an inconvenience or something you could provide yourself. Knowing the right thing […]

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09th January 2018 | Vickiie Thompson

Why do I need a Fire Risk Assessment?

A Fire Risk Assessment is designed to minimise the probability of the event of a fire by identifying the potential hazards and fire risks within a building. Law requires all non-domestic properties to have a Fire Risk Assessment in place as stipulated in the Regulatory Reform Act (Fire Safety) 2005. If your business has 5 […]

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12th December 2017 | Vickiie Thompson

Christmas fire safety

. With Christmas just around the corner your priorities may be making sure you have the best decorated office or thinking about what gifts to buy!  But you should take the time to think about fire safety this Christmas! We have complied a simple top tips list for you to look at and keep in […]

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28th November 2017 | Vickiie Thompson

Checking your fire extinguishers

. Fire extinguishers in commercial or public buildings should be visually inspected monthly for damage or pressure loss and should be serviced to BS 5306-3 once a year. Water, foam, and powder fire extinguishers must be discharged and refilled every five years. CO2 fire extinguishers must be refurbished after ten years. In between the annual […]

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07th November 2017 | Vickiie Thompson

Bedtime fire safety

    In the UK annually there are approximately 500 fire-related deaths. The majority of these occur within the home between 12am and 6am when people are asleep. Each night before you go to bed you should check of the house to make sure you are not leaving yourself vulnerable to a fire starting. You […]

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24th October 2017 | Vickiie Thompson

Student Fire Safety Week 2017

.   This week we are supporting student fire safety week. With all university students now settled into their new accommodation we want to make sure you have given fire safety a thought! This student fire safety week is the perfect opportunity to think about fire safety and take on board our top tips for […]

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17th October 2017 | Vickiie Thompson

What fire extinguisher to use in a kitchen?

. Many people ask what is the best fire extinguisher to use in the kitchen… The answer is you can use either a dry powder fire extinguisher which has a blue coloured label,or a CO2 fire extinguisher which has a black label. Both fire extinguisher types are suitable to use on electrics which many people […]

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04th October 2017 | Vickiie Thompson

Home fire safety week 2017

Home fire safety week This week we are supporting home fire safety week. Home fire safety week is a great time to think about how safe your home is and take extra steps to lessen any fire hazards. Follow our simple tips to help prevent the risk of fire this home fire safety week and […]

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25th September 2017 | Shayley

Fire Door Safety Week 25 – 29th September 2017

Fire doors are designed to saves lives and property. Fire doors keep back smoke and flame for a specified amount of time to allow escape and contain the fire to allow fire fighters to do their job. In order for fire doors to do the intended job it is vital that they are correctly installed […]

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19th September 2017 | Shayley

Are you compliant with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005?

Fire safety regulations are in place to create a safe environment for you, your staff, and your customers. If you do not meet these regulations you could be taken to court and receive a hefty fine or even a prison sentence as the person below discovered… In 2015, Mr Gurnam Singh Rai the lease holder […]

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12th September 2017 | Vickiie Thompson

UK Business Safety Week 2017

  Business safety week is the perfect opportunity to think about the safety of your business. As a business owner, you are expected to comply by law to protect your business, premises and employees. This makes you more likely to be prepared if the worst does happen and a fire occurs at your business. If […]

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15th November 2016 | Shayley

Celebrate Safely

Celebrations are an excuse to have fun, not an excuse for a fire! Fire safety is the last thing on your mind when you’re celebrating. But think about it – lots of guests, extra decorations, people smoking – all the everyday fire risks get bigger. Don’t let fire safety stop you enjoying yourself – know […]

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17th October 2016 | Shayley

Candle Safety – The Essentials

Candle safety is very important. The flame may be small – but more than five fires a day are started by candles. It only takes a moment’s distraction for a fire to start but the consequences can be tragic. It’s important to treat lighted candles as you would any other flame – with care!   […]

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29th September 2016 | teknet

Summer BBQ Safety Tips

The perfect summer weekend… relaxing in the sun, cold drink in hand and some burgers sizzling on the BBQ… idyllic bliss… letting the stresses of work melt away… what could go wrong? Outdoor cooking can be a great way to spend your afternoon but it has its own set of unique fire risks that should not […]

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29th September 2016 | teknet

Fire Safety… Why?

After spending years in the fire service and fire safety I still find it unfathomable that people and companies see fire safety as an after thought. I must at this point say that all companies and people cannot be tarnished with the same brush, but more often than not we are asked to visit sites […]

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