Lest We Forget

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Yesterday, Remembrance Sunday services were held across the United Kingdom and Europe.

Today, on the 11th November and 11.00am. We would like to remember all of those who lost their lives in conflict. Including those in the Fire and Rescue Service who, together with members of other Civilian Services have made their contribution to the defense of the nation.

In the first three weeks of the Blitz, the London firefighters fought 10,000 fires, with some firefighters working for 40 hours or more!

These men were on the scene immediately after the aftermath of Nazi invasions, not only putting out fires, but saving peoples live who were trapped in burning buildings or underneath rubble.

Still, today in 2019, our firefighters run into danger to save lives. They are often first on the scene to a range of life- threatening scenarios including; road traffic collisions, gas explosions, factory fires and house fires.

Lest we forget.



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