The Top 5 Fire Safety Fails

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Here at MAGG Group Ltd our engineers are out every day visiting various types of businesses and properties whether it be a small hairdressers, a large care home or a 850,000 square foot warehouse. No matter what type of business it is or the size of the property, our engineers are always coming across a range of fire safety fails, some of these are seen time and time again. These issues are potentially dangerous and could lead to a fire or serious incident within a business.

The Top 5 fire safety fails we come across:

1- Washing machines and tumble dryers plugged into an extension lead – Each of these appliances are 13 amps on their own, therefor this is overloading the extension lead. You should never overload an extension lead by plugging in appliances that together will exceed the maximum current rating stated for the extension lead. This could cause the plug in the wall socket to overheat and possibly cause a fire.

2- Fitting an expensive fire rated door but using the wrong hinges and not installing smoke seals or door closer. – It is not just the fire door that is needed in order for a fire door to do its job, it is important to check that that the doors close properly and there are no gaps, check that there is no damage to the seals and also check it is a certified fire door.

3- No suitable plan drawings displayed by fire alarm panels providing information of zones and fire system. This is a requirement of BS 5839 part 1.

4- Contractors and builders drilling holes through structural fire separation and not suitably fire stopping it once completed.

5- No suitable electrical installation condition report completed for the fixed wiring in the property, as well as having dangerous or old electrics.

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