EWS1 Surveys

What is an EWS1

A EWS1 is an external wall system fire review survey that is an established way for building owners to verify to valuers and lenders that an external cladding system on residential buildings in scope above 18m in height (approx. 6-storeys) has been assessed by a suitable expert. Not all buildings in scale above 18m will need an EWS form, only those with some form of combustible cladding or combustible material on balconies.

Who can complete an EWS1

A EWS1 is divided into two options, option A and Option B.

Option A is for buildings where the materials used in the external wall would be doubtful to support combustion. For this type of building the signatory would need just the expertise to identify the appropriate materials.

Option B is for buildings where Option A does not apply, and a more comprehensive review is required this means a higher level of fire expertise is needed to be the signatory.

The EWS Form identifies the relevant bodies or organisations that are qualified to provide the correct signatory. Here at MAGG Group we currently employ number of engineers who are members of the IFSM & IFE who can issue EWS1 forms under both options A and B and have the required knowledge and experience to provide you with the most accurate and up to date information.


Frequently asked questions

How long does a EWS1 take to complete?

This can vary greatly depending on the size and scope of the works. One of our consultants would carry out an initial consultation meeting on site to discuss options and arrangements. Following this consultation, the client will not be bound into any agreements and a formal proposal will be submitted. MAGG have created a working partnership with the R. Lewis Group who act as independent verifiers for all work undertaken as part of the EWS1 process. By having this unique relationship, we can offer the client peace of mind that any reports provided are independently verified and counter signed.

What is the turnaround from the assessment to having the completed document?

Again this can vary depending on the level of work required to expose and inspect the building. Following the destructive inspection on site it usually takes 4-6weeks to compile the report and receive the results of any lab testing that may be required.

I am an owner of a single flat owner can I request a EWS form?

No, you cannot, it needs to be requested by the building owner or managing agent.

How long is the form valid for?

The form is valid for 5 years from the date it is signed. It will need to be reassessed if any significant changes occur to the external wall or attachments of the building.

Can MAGG complete any remedial works that are identified when completing a EWS assessment?

MAGG have extensive knowledge in undertaking any remediation works and we work in partnership with the R. Lewis Group who are an industry recognised company specialising in passive fire protection. With this working relationship we can address any remedial works that may be identified during the EWS1 process. Of course, you are under no obligation to use MAGG once the report has been submitted but most clients prefer the continuity and assurance offered by MAGG.

Cost of a EWS1

Costs vary when completing EWS inspections therefore there are no set costs available. Each property is taken on its own merits therefore its is not practical to benchmark figures. The purpose of the initial consultancy meeting is to address the scope of works and parameters from this a unique cost breakdown will be produced for the client.