05th November 2018 | Vickiie Thompson

Bonfire Safety

. Despite annual bonfire safety warnings, bonfire celebrations still end in painful injuries for too many people, including very young children, read below to see our tips on bonfire safety. . Bonfire Safety Tips   If you have a bonfire, follow these simple guidelines: Warn your neighbours beforehand – so they are aware and can […]

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30th October 2018 | Vickiie Thompson

Upcoming celebrations…

Winter is on its way and with it comes the celebration period, Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas, shhh I agree it’s a little early for that. Fire safety is the last thing on your mind when you’re celebrating. But think about it – lots of guests, extra decorations, people smoking – all the everyday fire […]

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24th October 2018 | Vickiie Thompson

How to test your emergency lighting

.   Emergency lighting should be tested monthly in between servicing visits.  Here is an example of what an emergency light looks like.     Emergency lights are type of light that has a battery backup. Under normal conditions, power is going into the emergency light powering the light if it’s a maintained fitting and […]

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04th September 2018 | Shayley

Chimney Fire Safety Week

Chimney fire safety week 2018 With the colder months fast approaching we are supporting Chimney fire safety week to ensure that your chimney is safe for use. This Chimney fire safety week to keep you and your family safe from fire we recommend that you should take the necessary steps to ensure your chimney is […]

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10th July 2018 | Vickiie Thompson

Outdoor fire safety

Fire safety should be taken into consideration where ever you are, so it shouldn’t be forgotten about when you are outdoors. See below our helpful tips and facts to help you keep safe whilst enjoying the great outdoors. Our Outdoor fire safety tips Avoid open fires in the countryside. Always have them in safe designated […]

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29th May 2018 | Vickiie Thompson

Different types of fire fire extinguisher

Most people know there are different types of extinguishers available, and if you have received practical fire extinguisher training, you may have experienced the differences between a few of them. As well as the different coloured bands that wrap around the top of the extinguishers, there is a huge difference between each type, and they’re […]

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