04th September 2018 | Shayley

Chimney Fire Safety Week

Chimney fire safety week 2018 With the colder months fast approaching we are supporting Chimney fire safety week to ensure that your chimney is safe for use. This Chimney fire safety week to keep you and your family safe from fire we recommend that you should take the necessary steps to ensure your chimney is […]

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10th July 2018 | Vickiie Thompson

Outdoor fire safety

Fire safety should be taken into consideration where ever you are, so it shouldn’t be forgotten about when you are outdoors. See below our helpful tips and facts to help you keep safe whilst enjoying the great outdoors. Our Outdoor fire safety tips Avoid open fires in the countryside. Always have them in safe designated […]

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29th May 2018 | Vickiie Thompson

Different types of fire fire extinguisher

Most people know there are different types of extinguishers available, and if you have received practical fire extinguisher training, you may have experienced the differences between a few of them. As well as the different coloured bands that wrap around the top of the extinguishers, there is a huge difference between each type, and they’re […]

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22nd May 2018 | Vickiie Thompson

BBQ Fire Safety

The perfect summer weekend… relaxing in the sun, cold drink in hand and some burgers sizzling on the BBQ… idyllic bliss… letting the stresses of work melt away… what could go wrong? Outdoor cooking can be a great way to spend your afternoon but it has its own set of unique fire risks that should not […]

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15th May 2018 | Vickiie Thompson

Office Fire safety tips

Office fire safety can easily be forgotten about and not seen as a potential hazard because there might not be as many obvious hazards as there would be in a kitchen for example. But the affects an office fire can have devastating impact on a business. The potential loss of data and even lives often […]

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09th May 2018 | Vickiie Thompson

Protect your business from fire

As a business owner, you are expected to comply by law to protect your business from fire, premises and employees from fire. This will make you more likely to be prepared if the worst does happen and a fire occurs at your business. If you are a business owner or responsible for a business premises […]

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