Checks to do before Christmas: Ensure your business is safe!

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This is the time of year where some services are preparing to close for a week, or are awaiting their busiest trade!

Whichever industry you are in- expecting the dust to gather on your desk, or a rush of trade. There are a few vital safety checks to complete this festive season.

Before we wave 2019 goodbye and welcome 2020 check the following;

  • You have an up-to date fire risk assessment to cover your business for 2019. Please note that a fire risk assessment is required annually. If significant changes have happened within the premises before 12 months, a fire risk assessment should be completed to cover these changes prior to the annual inspection.
  • You have your biannual alarm testing certification for 2019, in a fire safety folder. Keep this folder up-to-date and in order as fire officers and safety inspectors will ask to view this record when on site.
  • You have your annual emergency lighting certificate in your fire safety folder.
  • You have your annual extinguisher servicing certificate in your fire safety folder.
  • Training records and certification are in your fire safety folder.

If you would like to be really organised, get your servicing and/or training provisionally booked for the New Year, so you know you will be compliant for 2020.

MAGG Group Ltd. are taking bookings for January 2020. We ensure that all of our customers are reminded when training and servicing is due at their properties, so that we can book our visits around our customers. The hassle free way of handling fire safety.



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